PeopleHCM vs Expensify

Every dollar spent wisely is an investment in the business's success.

When it comes to solopreneurs, efficient expense management isn't just a financial task; it's a strategic imperative. With precision in financial control, solopreneurs can focus on growth and innovation.

PeopleHCM and Expensify are two software that offer tailored solutions to empower entrepreneurs in their financial journey. Let's explore these tools and understand which software should be your ideal choice.

Key Considerations When Selecting an HCM Software Solution

Credit Card Reconciliation

Integrated credit card reconciliation for accurate expense management.

Compatibility with Other Systems

Integration with existing systems, optimizing data flow, and minimizing errors.

Ease of Use

Intuitive interfaces for easy adoption, enhancing the user experience efficiently.

Customer Support

Responsive customer support for quick issue resolution and uninterrupted system usage.


Scalable solutions to adapt to evolving business needs and ensure longevity.

Expense Tracking and Reporting

Features for insightful expense tracking, analysis, and customizable reporting.

Compliance and Security

Stringent security measures and regulatory compliance for protected and compliant financial operations.

Core HR Automation

Capability to automate tasks like attendance, payroll, and leave management.

TalentDevelopment Features

A LearningManagement System (LMS) and features supporting onboarding and performancemanagement.

HR Analytics

Analyticsfor data-driven decision-making.


PeopleHCM is a comprehensive and scalable HCM software solution that streamlines the recruit-to-retire cycle, offering inbuilt automations, superior customer experience management, and delegated access for users to make changes without IT involvement.

  • PeopleHCM’s expense management solutions offer advanced tools ensuring compliance, efficiency, and real-time insights.
  • Its features include one-click receipt management, credit card reconciliation, and seamless integrations.
  • This innovative solution simplifies processes for both management and employees, enhancing transparency, reducing burdens, and optimizing financial control.

From digital audit trails to automated approvals, PeopleHCM accelerates reimbursements, elevates employee satisfaction, and fosters operational efficiency, empowering businesses to meet their financial goals effectively and effortlessly.


Expensify is a financial management tool, catering to both individuals and businesses with its services. Centralizing various financial processes, it provides features like expense tracking, invoicing, travel planning, and bill payment in one user-friendly application. Expensify's primary aim is to streamline financial management, allowing users to focus on core activities by efficiently handling money-related tasks.

PeopleHCM vs Expensify

Feature PeopleHCM Expensify
Expense Management Streamlined processes with HR tech stack Comprehensive platform for personal and business use
Receipt Tracking One-click scanning for effortless expense tracking Mobile app scanning and auto-record of vendor details
Corporate Card Integration Credit card import for personal and business transactions Expensify card for seamless transactions and fraud protection
Integrations Accounting and HR integrations for financial synchronization 40+ integrations including QuickBooks, Sage, Oracle
Invoice Creation Invoice creation is possible through various third-party integrations Create invoices with auto-calculate taxes and discounts
Bill Pay Automation Corporate card reconciliation for efficient spending management Automated approvals and payments with bill pay automation
Reimbursement Speed Quick reimbursement for expedited approval processes Direct reimbursement to the bank account within one business day
Multi-Currency Support Supports multiple currencies for expense claims Global reimbursements in 190+ countries
Expense Report Approval Review expense reports in one place with missing information collection View and approve expenses with a single click
Spend Management Efficiently manage expenses, vendors, and invoices Analyze spending trends and forecast budgets
Global Reimbursements Create expense claims for multiple currencies in one go and convert to base location currency Reimburse employees in their local currency in 190+ countries
Free Trial Availability Yes Yes

Let's Compare

Expense Management Overview

Dollars Decoded
  • PeopleHCM sets itself apart by offering a comprehensive and holistic approach to efficiently track, manage, and reimburse expenses.
  • While Expensify provides a robust set of features, PeopleHCM takes it a step further by integrating various tools seamlessly into a unified platform, providing an all-encompassing solution for expense management.

Receipt Tracking

Snap, Scan, Simplify
  • Expensify allows users to scan and auto-populate certain fields using OCR technology, but it occasionally auto-scans the wrong receipts, leading to manual corrections.
  • On the other hand, PeopleHCM excels in streamlined receipt tracking facilitated by a user-friendly mobile app.
  • Its efficient and accurate receipt tracking, along with a simple interface, makes PeopleHCM the preferred choice for hassle-free receipt management. This app ensures accurate and effortless capture of vendor details, dates, and amounts.
  • The simplicity of the interface and the efficiency of the tracking system make PeopleHCM a preferred choice for solo entrepreneurs who seek a hassle-free way to manage and organize their receipts.

Clear Audit Trail for Tracking Reimbursements

Clear Tracks, Clear Facts
  • Expensify has faced quality issues reported by users, including defects and malfunctions, along with complaints about the lack of certain key features and poor customer service.
  • In contrast, PeopleHCM provides a transparent digital audit trail for tracking reimbursements. The system maintains a comprehensive record of expenses, enabling users to trace the origin of each transaction with a chronological document proof.
  • This feature enhances accountability and simplifies audits, offering a level of transparency that is crucial for solo entrepreneurs managing their finances.

Corporate Card Integration

Swipe and Sync
  • While Expensify offers a corporate card solution, PeopleHCM's corporate card integration takes efficiency to the next level.
  • It provides seamless transactions and automatic capture of expense reports. This integration enhances efficiency in reconciliation processes, as expenses are automatically associated with the corresponding transactions, reducing manual data entry and the risk of errors.

Expense Reports and Spend Management

The Budget Blueprint
  • Expensify provides detailed analytics and reporting capabilities, while PeopleHCM's centralized platform offers a more comprehensive view of all expenses, allowing for strategic budget forecasting and in-depth analysis of spending patterns.
  • This feature provides solo entrepreneurs with valuable insights into their financial landscape, aiding in informed decision-making and facilitating better control over expenses.
  • The detailed analytics and reporting capabilities of PeopleHCM contribute to more strategic and data-driven financial management.

Global Reimbursements and Virtual Cards

Worldwide Wallet
  • PeopleHCM outshines Expensify in its global reimbursement capabilities, supporting various currencies in over 190 countries. This versatility ensures that solo entrepreneurs with international operations have a solution that caters to their diverse financial needs.
  • Additionally, PeopleHCM's provision of virtual cards adds another layer of convenience and security, offering a reliable means for online purchases without the need for a physical card.

Scalability and Ease of Use

Simple Integration, Infinite Growth
  • Expensify may require effort to configure according to user needs, whereas, in terms of integration, PeopleHCM stands out as the preferred choice for solo entrepreneurs.
  • The platform easily integrates with various accounting, HR, and travel tools, accommodating business growth effortlessly. This is particularly beneficial for solo entrepreneurs looking to expand their operations or those managing multiple locations.
  • The user-friendly interface of PeopleHCM ensures widespread adoption within the organization, simplifying navigation and utilization for both management and employees.


While Expensify offers an extensive expense management solution, PeopleHCM outshines it in several key areas.

From streamlined receipt tracking and clear audit trails to advanced corporate card integration, comprehensive expense reports, and global reimbursements, PeopleHCM provides solo entrepreneurs with a versatile, user-friendly, and integrated platform for efficient expense management.

By combining these features, PeopleHCM empowers solo entrepreneurs to optimize their financial processes, achieve better control over expenses, and ultimately enhance overall business efficiency.

Data collected on: 10/03/24

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