PeopleHCM vs ZampHR

Employee benefits are not just about attracting talent, they're about retaining it, fostering loyalty, and ultimately, ensuring the success of the organization.

Employee benefits encompass a range of offerings crucial for attracting and retaining talent, including health insurance, retirement plans, and various perks. They play a significant role in shaping employee satisfaction, engagement, and overall well-being within an organization.

Given its critical role in ensuring employee welfare, no company can afford to compromise on the smooth functioning of employee benefits operations. In our detailed comparison, we explore PeopleHCM and ZampHR, two top contenders providing tailored solutions for startups. Join us to understand their offerings better, helping you make informed decisions to prioritize your team's welfare and streamline your business operations effortlessly.

Key Considerations When Selecting an HCM Software Solution


Flexible benefits plan customization.

Compliance Management

Features that ensure adherence to state and federal regulations.

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive navigation for HR and employees.


Seamless integration facilities with other HR systems.

Employee Self-Service

Solutions offering self-service tools for benefits management.

Core HR Automation

Capability to automate tasks like attendance, payroll, and leave management.

TalentDevelopment Features

A LearningManagement System (LMS) and features supporting onboarding and performancemanagement.

HR Analytics

Analyticsfor data-driven decision-making.


PeopleHCM is a comprehensive HR solution tailored for businesses, simplifying people management tasks.

Its employee benefits feature streamlines benefits administration for startups, offering easy setup and configurable premium plans, ensuring efficient policy updates and intelligent reporting for hassle-free management.


ZampHR is a full-service payroll software designed for businesses of all sizes, offering end-to-end solutions for startups, SMEs, and enterprises.

Its employee benefits feature provides a centralized platform for benefits administration, including group health, dental, and vision insurance, retirement plans, and flexible spending accounts, enabling businesses to attract and retain talent effectively while ensuring compliance with regulations.

PeopleHCM vs ZampHR

Features ZampHR PeopleHCM
Easy Setup Administrate benefit plans on a user-friendly platform. Administer benefits as well as medical, vision, and dental plans effectively.
Configurable Premium Plans Flexibility to customize premium calculation plans. Configuration of premium calculation plans.
Update Policy Changes Seamlessly update policy details via Qualifying Life Events (QLE). Allow employees to update policy details seamlessly.
Intelligent Reports Track enrollments and submissions effectively with reports. Keep track of open enrollments and submissions' status with intelligent reports.
Nationwide Benefits Administration Access top-tier benefits offerings nationwide. Simplified nationwide benefits administration.
Automated Communication Streamline communication of enrollment details. Automated reminders and batch emails for important deadlines.
Cloud-Based Accessibility 24/7 access to benefits information. Cloud-based accessibility for flexible access.
Benefits Education and Engagement Lacks digital resources for employee education. Provide digital resources for educating employees.
Retirement Benefits Integration Third-party partnership for retirement planning. Integration with 3rd party systems is possible.
Co-Employment Services Does not offer co-employment services. Does not offer co-employment services
Comprehensive HR Support Limited HR support beyond benefits administration. Dedicated support team available at every step.
Compliance Assistance Basic compliance support for benefits regulations. Assistance with navigating the benefits landscape.

Let's Compare

Comprehensive Benefits Administration

Employees Matter
  • ZampHR offers an extensive platform for benefits administration, allowing companies to manage their employee benefits seamlessly.
  • However, PeopleHCM takes it a step further by providing integrated global benefits solutions, sourcing best-in-class plans nation wide through a network of renowned brokerage firms.
  • With PeopleHCM, companies of any size can find US-based talent without the need for entity establishment, ensuring consistent, compliant, and competitive benefits administration.

World-Class Support

Superior Support Network
  • While ZampHR provides dedicated support for benefits administration, PeopleHCM offers a superior level of assistance at every step of the process.
  • With PeopleHCM, companies benefit from a dedicated support team that goes above and beyond to address questions, concerns, and navigate the benefits landscape effectively, ensuring a smooth experience for both employers and employees.

Automated Communication

Instant Updates and Effortless Messaging
  • ZampHR manages communication of enrollment details and deadlines and ensures employees stay informed.
  • However, PeopleHCM also provides batch emails, alerts, and reminders for important deadlines and details. This ensures that employees register on time and have all the necessary information at their fingertips, enhancing overall efficiency and engagement. 

Cloud-Based Accessibility

Anywhere, Anytime Access
  • While ZampHR offers 24/7 access to benefits information through its platform, PeopleHCM provides even greater flexibility and convenience with a cloud-based HCM solution.
  • This allows employees with flexible schedules or in remote areas to access medical, dental, life insurance, and other plan details anytime, anywhere, enhancing accessibility and user experience.

Employee Education and Engagement

Empowerment through Learning
  • ZampHR offers digital resources for educating employees about available benefits options, which is essential for fostering engagement.
  • PeopleHCM, on the other, hand also facilitates personalize done-on-one or group meetings with managers to address questions and update information, ensuring employees have a deeper understanding of their benefits and feel supported in their decision-making process.

Simplified Nationwide Benefits Administration

Borderless Benefits Management
  • While ZampHR provides access to benefits offerings nationwide, PeopleHCM excels in simplifying the benefits administration process.
  • With integrated global benefits solutions, PeopleHCM ensures consistent, compliant, and competitive benefits administration across different regions, making it easier for companies to manage their benefits programs effectively and efficiently.


It is important to note that ZampHR operates as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) with its proprietary software, offering comprehensive benefits administration solutions. In contrast, PeopleHCM provides a versatile platform tailored to the needs of Professional Employer Organizations.

While ZampHR offers a comprehensive platform for benefits administration, PeopleHCM emerges as the superior choice due to its integrated global benefits solutions, world-class support, advanced automation features, cloud-based accessibility, and personalized employee engagement initiatives.

By leveraging PeopleHCM, businesses can streamline their benefits administration processes, ensure compliance, and provide their employees with unparalleled support and accessibility to top-tier benefits offerings.

Ultimately, PeopleHCM stands out as the ideal partner for navigating the complexities of benefits administration with ease and efficiency.

Data collected on: 15/03/24

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