Driving IT Success

The Crucial Role of Integrated HCM Timesheets for 1.4 Million-Strong Technology Professionals in Silicon Valley.

Ever wondered what happens when technology collaborates with workforce management?

PeopleHCM is the perfect answer to this question. It’s time to meet your IT dream team with PeopleHCM – where innovation meets management, and every project begins with the click of a button!

Driving IT Success

PeopleHCM, a Human Capital Management(HCM) solution, is tailored to meet the specific needs of IT professionals and projects.

  • With modules like Recruitment Management and Performance Management, it streamlines talent acquisition, aligns IT tasks with strategic goals, and ensures effective onboarding and offboarding.
  • The platform's automation features reduce complexities, while its omnichannel accessibility facilitates seamless communication in the fast-paced IT environment.
  • For IT teams, PeopleHCM is a digitally smart tool, equipped with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities, enhancing efficiency, and promoting growth within the dynamic IT landscape.
  • At the core of IT excellence, PeopleHCM's integrated Human Capital Management (HCM) timesheets are designed to cater to the distinctive requirements of California's dynamic tech professionals.

Our solutions are three-fold, focussing on the following areas:

Time Spent

Efficiency in operations

Time Spent

Enhancing collaboration

Time Spent

Optimizing labor costs

We bring to you the power of precision and innovation with our integrated HCM timesheets that will surely become your strategic ally in achieving unparalleled success in Human Resources Operations.

Let us begin by taking a quick glance at the benefits of Integrated timesheets and attendance management solutions specially curated by PeopleHCM for the IT professionals of the digital oasis that is California.

Advantages of PeopleHCM's Integrated Solutions Tailored for California's IT Landscape

Streamlined Efficiency for IT Professionals

Integrated timesheets in PeopleHCM automate time-tracking, relieving IT professionals from manual tasks, allowing them to concentrate on core projects and innovation.

Precision in Project Billing

For IT experts working on diverse projects, timesheets ensure accurate tracking of billable hours, fostering fair payment practices and transparent client invoicing.

Insights for Agile IT Management

Timesheets offer a window into IT staff behavior, aiding in identifying areas needing additional support or potential role adjustments, promoting agility in workforce management.

Operational Cost Reduction in IT Operations

By automating payroll and invoicing processes, HCM timesheets contribute to lower operational costs in IT, allowing organizations to invest resources strategically in tech innovation.

Adaptable Roles in the Tech Landscape

Capturing data on evolving roles within the tech sector, HCM timesheets empower IT businesses to adapt swiftly, staying ahead in the dynamic technological landscape.

Strategic Resource Allocation in IT Projects

Tracking time on IT tasks, HCM timesheets provide insights for optimal resource allocation, ensuring projects run efficiently and meet deadlines.

Productivity Insights for IT Teams

Timesheets enable professionals to monitor and improve their productivity, while managers gain insights to identify top performers and enhance team productivity.

Financial Transparency in IT Services

HCM timesheets offer a transparent view of time spent on IT projects, ensuring financial accountability, supporting client relationships, and contributing to overall profitability in IT services.

Flexible Work Modes

Adapt timesheets to diverse work styles, accommodating the dynamic nature of IT projects and allowing professionals to track time according to their preferences.

Timesheet and Attendance Management Features of PeopleHCM

Automated Timesheets
  • Adaptable timesheets that can be customised as per your preferred mode, ensuring flexibility for IT professionals with diverse work styles.
  • Collaboration through the Chat Box Feature, fostering a seamless connection among team members.
  • Simplified holiday tracking with the Holiday Highlighter, allowing  professionals to plan work around important dates.
  • Recall Functionality, facilitating easy correction of errors and ensuring accurate records
Automated Timesheets
Automated Timesheets
Effortless Time-Off Management
  • Simplified steps for requesting time off, offering a hassle-free process to balance work and personal life.
  • Manager access for efficient approval workflows, ensuring quick responses to time-off requests.
  • Location-specific holiday management for HR admins, catering to the diverse needs of IT professionals across California
  • Employee-centric dashboard with accessible holiday calendars, allowing IT professionals to plan ahead and stay informed.
Online Time Clocking
  • Effortless clock in/out features enabled via mobile, web, or physical terminals, ensuring flexibility in time tracking.
  • Enhanced user experience with features like schedule checking, balance of hours, and on-the-go absence request approvals.
Automated Timesheets
Automated Timesheets
Accurate Time and Attendance Tracking
  • Features to track and manage various types of leave, overtime, and job costing.
  • Accurate tracking that ensures business security and efficiency.
Staff Scheduling Made Easy
  • Interactive calendar for easy management of schedules and absences, catering to the dynamic needs of IT professionals.
  • Automation of scheduling processes, optimizing labor costs and improving transparency in the IT workflow.
Automated Timesheets

In the realm of IT, where precision meets innovation, PeopleHCM is ready to be your catalyst for improved HR processes and heightened employee satisfaction. PeopleHCM offers tailored solutions that cater specifically to the needs of IT professionals in California, offering not just convenience and precision in timesheet management but also fostering collaboration, flexibility, and efficient project execution.

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About PeopleHCM

PeopleHCM stands is a scalable Human Capital Management (HCM) software solution, providing a comprehensive suite of applications spanning the entire recruit-to-retire cycle.

Tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses,

  • It is a cost-effective solution for small enterprises,
  • It facilitates seamless scaling of HR operations   for medium-sized companies, and
  • It streamlines complex functions for large enterprises.

It’s customizable tools, built-in automations, and an unwavering commitment to customer experience, makes PeopleHCM the perfect choice for professionals wanting to simplify and enhance the management of human capital across organizations of varying sizes.

PeopleHCM Modules

Payroll Management

Simplify payroll processing with our comprehensive solution.

Time Sheet

 Effortlessly manage workforce productivity with multiple tracking options.

Time Off

Streamline Time Off requests based on your company policies.

Onboarding& Offboarding

Interactive processes through OCR-enabled forms

Expense Management

Optical character recognition for claiming multiple currency bills.

Recruitment Management

Expertly track talent pipelines with an intuitive Applicant Tracking system.

Performance Management

Align and measure employee tasks with organizational objectives.

Benefit Enrollment

Simple and effective enrollment for administrators and employees.

Service Request

Configurable workflow for Finance, HR, IT, Resourcing, and Administrative needs.

Benefits of PeopleHCM

Flexible Pricing

PeopleHCM provides a zero-cost option and an extended 3-month free trial, offering a flexible pricing structure.

Tailored VFM Pricing

Starting prices are customized for optimal value, ensuring businesses pay for the features they need.

Customizable and User-Friendly

PeopleHCM's customizable tools and user-centric design deliver a personalized and easy-to-use experience.

Comprehensive Support

Benefit from dedicated support with a Single Point of Contact(SPOC), 24/7 remote assistance, and optional onsite support.

Efficient Migration

PeopleHCM streamlines migration with tailored processes and dedicated support, minimizing disruptions.

Automations and Integrations

Leverage in-built automations and seamless integration with third-party tools for enhanced efficiency.

Secure and Scalable

Adhering to global best practices, PeopleHCM ensures data security, compliance, and scalability through private cloud infrastructure.

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