Finances Simplified: Navigating Business Expense Reimbursement Challenges with PeopleHCM's Advanced Tools

June 5, 2024

Focused on PeopleHCM's expense tools, this blog provides an in-depth exploration of features that simplify finances.

From capturing expenses for approval to automating reimbursement, PeopleHCM simplifies the entire process of Expense Management.  

PeopleHCM, as an expense management system, not only tracks and reports employee spending but also ensures compliance, reduces administrative effort and provides real-time insights.  

This transformative expense management software sophisticates traditional expense tracking into an efficient, error-free, cost-effective experience. It ultimately enhances control, transparency, and decision-making in managing your business's financial resources.  

Let's understand PeopleHCM's innovative expense management solutions that will simplify your financial journey.  

Features and Capabilities of PeopleHCM's Expense Tools
One-Click Receipt Management:

PeopleHCM simplifies expense reporting with one-click receipt scanning. Capture photos of receipts to import them into PeopleHCM's expense module. It then automatically compiles details into comprehensive reports, eliminating the hassle of receipt management.

Credit Card Import:

With a convenient option of credit card import, PeopleHCM effortlessly merges and codes personal and business-related card transactions. This means PeopleHCM Card users enjoy handsfree expense management solutions.

Corporate Card Reconciliation:

Reconcile statement amounts, review unsubmitted expenses, and manage corporate spending effortlessly with PeopleHCM using your personal or preferred corporate card.

Accounting and HR Integrations:

PeopleHCM ensures automated syncing with accounting systems, saving time and facilitating smooth audits and tax preparations. PeopleHCM's extensive integrations connect accounting, HR, and travel functionalities for a comprehensive expense management system.

Multiple Currency Handling:

Choosing PeopleHCM provides an inbuilt exchange calculator, effortlessly converting total expenses into the base currency. Users can credit reimbursements in their preferred currency and enter expenses in multiple currencies, enabling global financial management.  

Real-time Spend Trend Analysis:

With real-time analytics, this innovative HCM solution tracks and analyzes both employee and company-wide spending patterns, leading to informed decision-making and better financial control.

Real-time Visibility into Spending:

Users can benefit from360-degree financial transparency with an intuitive dashboard, offering up-to-date spending data and insightful graphs. Furthermore, you can categorize expenses by time, vendor, department, and more. Tracking current balances and accessing detailed expense lists for comprehensive financial insights also becomes easy.

Easy Expense Reporting Process:

Simplify reimbursement procedures with user-friendly digital claim forms accepting receipts. Automated approval workflows and real-time tracking expedite the process, while department-based spending analysis curtails unnecessary expenses.

Integration with Accounting Software:

You can now seamlessly integrate your expense management software with diverse accounting systems. An open application interface of PeopleHCM enables effortless communication, automating data transfer between expense management software and preferred accounting apps.

Real-time Policy Checks:

Ensuring compliance by enforcing expense policies in real time is a core feature of PeopleHCM. It empowers the system to flag and reject claims that violate company policies, providing instant feedback to employees, enhancing transparency, and reducing reimbursement delays.

Digital Audit Trails:

You can now maintain a transparent record of expenses with digital audit trails and trace the origin of each transaction, offering chronological document proof. This feature is vital in expense reporting as it enhances accountability, and aids in compliance and audits.

Advanced-Data Analytics:

Leverage data-driven insights for comprehensive financial understanding, identify anomalies, monitor employee spending, and detect policy violations, all with a single software. PeopleHCM lets you engage in effective budget planning, forecasting and to generate detailed financial reports for data-driven decision-making.

Efficient Expense Approval Process:

Set single or multi-level approvers and enable automated routing based on expense types with customizable processes. This expedites decision-making with push and email notifications, ensuring a swift and uncomplicated expense approval mechanism.

Benefits for Both Management and Employees
A. Management Benefits
Effortless Receipt Management:  

Simplify record-keeping by securely storing financial data in the cloud.

PeopleHCM ensures easy accessibility while maintaining privacy and compliance.

Approval Workflow Automation:

Accelerate vendor payments and avoid delays.  

With automated approval workflows on a unified platform, management can swiftly handle pending requests, enhancing vendor relations.

Policy Compliance Made Easy:

Reduce regulatory stress with automated policy enforcement.  

PeopleHCM ensures adherence, providing a seamless solution that mitigates compliance challenges and minimizes management burdens.

Digital Audit Trail Transparency:

Easily trace and validate expenses with a comprehensive digital audit trail.  

Instant access to logs and payment history, coupled with receipt verification, enhances accountability and simplifies audits.

Accounting Integrations:  

Achieve continuous closing and synced accounts effortlessly.  

PeopleHCM seamlessly integrates with accounting systems, providing real-time data and accurate insights for the management.

Real-time Expense Visibility:  

Eliminate the need for constant status checks.  

PeopleHCM's dashboard provides real-time visibility into payment statuses and processed transactions, empowering management with instant financial insights.  

B. Employee Benefits  
Automated Data Extraction:

Liberate employees from mundane data entry.

By allowing them to sync expenses effortlessly or share them with other applications, PeopleHCM optimizes their time and efficiency.

Unlimited Receipt Scanning:

Streamline invoice processing.  

With bulk upload and unlimited scanning features, PeopleHCM saves accountants valuable time and ensures swift updates.

Mobile App for Reporting:

Enhance convenience for employees.  

PeopleHCM facilitates receipt uploads and expense reporting through a user-friendly mobile app, eliminating the need for manual receipt storage.

Bulk Expense Filings:  

Simplify the reporting process for frequent travellers.  

Enable quick bulk uploads of numerous receipts and accelerate follow-ups and submissions, ensuring a seamless expense management system with PeopleHCM.


From one-click receipt management to real-time spend trend analysis, PeopleHCM's Expense Tools offers a comprehensive solution to financial management.  

The system serves the needs of both management and employees, providing benefits like effortless receipt management, policy compliance, and real-time expense visibility.  

PeopleHCM thus accelerates reimbursements of eligible expenses, elevates employee morale, optimizes travel and expense budgets, and creates more operational efficiency, empowering businesses to achieve their financial goals effectively.

Achieve financial efficiency with PeopleHCM's expense tools today

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