Beyond Clocking In: The Next Level of Time Sheet Management with PeopleHCM for Peak Employee Performance

June 5, 2024

Time Management process with PeopleHCM - the ultimate solution for web timesheets and maximizing employee productivity

Timesheets: From Simple Tracking to Effective Management

We get it. Reading a list of problems caused by something as ordinary as ineffective time management can be paralyzing. We're not here to scare you but to empower you. Let's move beyond identifying the pain points and dive into the solution: effective web timesheet management.  

We are talking about PeopleHCM, an HCM software offering timesheet management features beyond tracking employee hours. It helps streamline payroll, manage projects effectively, and track remote employees' employees' time, ensuring accountability and project progress.  

Ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and remote team management - all in one.

Advantages of Advanced Time Management Tools for Employess

Advanced web timesheet management solutions provided by software like PeopleHCM offer a powerful leap forward, bringing numerous advantages across accuracy, efficiency, project management, and employee engagement. Let's take a look!  

Precision Through Automation: Gone are the days of manual data entry riddled with typos and inconsistencies. Advanced timesheet management systems like PeopleHCM automate data capture, eliminating human error and streamlining processes. This ensures accurate timekeeping, which is crucial for payroll, invoicing, and project costing. Moreover, advanced solutions embed compliance rules, automatically flagging potential violations and safeguarding your organization from legal complexities.  

Streamlining Tasks and Boosting Productivity: Forget chasing paper trails and chasing down approvals. You can now automate tedious tasks like timesheet reminders, approvals, and leave requests. Additionally, employees can self-serve through user-friendly interfaces, and managers can gain real-time visibility into team hours and project progress. This eliminates administrative burdens, freeing up valuable time for employees and managers to focus on strategic initiatives.  

Achieving Success Through Optimized Resources: Project deadlines become less stressful when you have complete control over time and resources. Web timesheet management systems provide insights into team capacity, allowing for optimized task allocation and project planning. This involves instantly identifying underutilized resources or potential bottlenecks, empowering you to make data-driven adjustments and maximize project efficiency.  

Happy Employees, Engaged Workforce: Empowering employees is key to fostering a positive work environment. With self-service features like mobile time entry and leave request management, employees gain flexibility and control over their schedules. This builds trust, autonomy, and a sense of ownership, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction. The best part is employees feel valued and responsible in the workplace, contributing their best efforts to the organization.  

Simplifying Timesheet Management and Beyond with PeopleHCM  

PeopleHCM offers a collection of features designed to provide you with the best timesheet management experience. It effortlessly automates tedious tasks and empowers both employees and managers. This finally leads to streamlined HR processes and organizational excellence.  

Effortless Integration, Accurate Data: PeopleHCM ensures effortless integration with third-party applications and allows data flow between web timesheets and payroll processing. This not only minimizes errors but also saves valuable time for your HR team, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives.  

Automatic Tracking, Insightful Reports: With PeopleHCM's built-in time tracking features, employees can choose from various methods like entering hours, clocking in/out, or swiping in/out, ensuring precise time capture. But it doesn't stop there. PeopleHCM generates detailed reports, providing valuable insights into project progress, employee performance, and overall resource utilization. These insights enable you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your workforce for maximum productivity.  

Project Management Made Easy: PeopleHCM ensures project success by seamlessly integrating with project management tools. It helps assign employees to specific tasks, projects, or shifts with a few clicks, creating clear accountability and fostering a collaborative work environment. Whether you manage small sprints or complex long-term projects, PeopleHCM keeps everyone aligned and on track.  

Leave Management Simplified: Managing leave requests is never a hassle with PeopleHCM as it provides a simple, employee-friendly interface for submitting time-off requests, complete with an intuitive selection of dates, leave types, and easy submission options. On the management side, a streamlined approval workflow allows managers to quickly review and approve requests, ensuring timely responses and a smooth process for everyone.  

Location-Based Flexibility: HR admins can now accommodate diverse teams with ease and simultaneously manage holiday lists for multiple locations within the system. This location-based flexibility eliminates the need for manual adjustments and ensures everyone has access to accurate holiday information, fostering inclusivity and simplifying vacation planning for your geographically dispersed workforce.  

Interactive Features, Simplified Corrections: PeopleHCM prioritizes clear communication with its interactive features. This includes a chat box for employees to add comments to their time entries, facilitating clarification and open communication. And let's face it, mistakes happen. PeopleHCM'sPeopleHCM's "Recall" feature makes correcting errors a walk in the park. With a single click, employees can resubmit their web timesheets, saving time and frustration.  


Ditch the papercuts and embrace precision!  

PeopleHCM's automated systems are here to eliminate errors, streamline payroll, and ensure compliance. Real-time data empowers you to optimize projects, while self-service features boost employee engagement. It's time to:  

  • Gain real-time visibility  
  • Optimize projects with data-driven insights, and  
  • Empower your team with self-service features  

PeopleHCM goes beyond timesheet management, offering a comprehensive suite of HR solutions to streamline your entire employee lifecycle. From onboarding and performance management to payroll and analytics, PeopleHCM's adaptable tech stack tackles present and future challenges, from remote work trends to evolving regulations. Don't just track time; enable peak performance and propel your business forward.  

Leave the spreadsheets behind and schedule your PeopleHCM demo now!

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