PeopleHCM vs Zenefits

Effective onboarding is not just paperwork; it's the connection an employee has with the company from the first day. Successful onboarding ensures every new hire feels valued and empowered to contribute their best to the collective success of the organization.

The onboarding process stands as a critical element in shaping the employee experience.

Let’s compare PeopleHCM and Zenefits, two prominent players in this domain, to get a more comprehensive and user-friendly solution for onboarding and HR management.

Key Considerations When Selecting an HCM Software Solution for onboarding and offboarding

Intuitive User Interface

A user-friendly interface for efficient navigation and a seamless onboarding experience.

Automation Excellence

Automation features that streamline communication and administrative tasks, enhancing overall efficiency in onboarding processes.

Seamless Integration Capabilities

Seamless integration to ensure smooth data flow across various HR functions, promoting coordination and efficiency.

Comprehensive Onboarding Features

Comprehensive onboarding tools, including customization options and employer branding for a tailored new hire experience.

Data Security and Compliance Assurance

Robust data security and compliance adherence, safeguarding sensitive information throughout the employee lifecycle.

Core HR Automation

Capability to automate tasks like attendance, payroll, and leave management.

TalentDevelopment Features

A LearningManagement System (LMS) and features supporting onboarding and performancemanagement.

HR Analytics

Analyticsfor data-driven decision-making.


  • PeopleHCM emerges as an ideal onboarding partner for small and medium businesses, offering a user-friendly and flexible platform.
  • With a commitment to 24/7 assistance and a paperless approach, PeopleHCM ensures an efficient onboarding experience.
  • Its integrated solutions cover the entire HR cycle, providing customizable workflows and automated tasks while catering to businesses of varying sizes.

The platform's holistic approach and continuous support make it a standout choice for streamlined onboarding processes.


Zenefits is a comprehensive software aligning HR tasks with its all-in-one platform. From automated workflows and efficient onboarding processes to integrated payroll and benefits administration, Zenefits aims to simplify the complexities of HR management.

PeopleHCM vs Zenefits

Feature PeopleHCM Zenefits
Onboarding Digital onboarding, OCR rich forms, streamlined tasks Automated onboarding, offer letters, background checks
Offboarding Automated offboarding process, centralized task tracking (Zenefits’ offboarding features)
User Interface Modern, intuitive design Intuitive platform with a focus on ease of use
Automation Capabilities Advanced automation for HR tasks Automated workflows, self-service benefits admin
Integration Integrates with various HR systems Integration capabilities with other HR systems
Employee Data Management Efficient handling and verification of employee data Employee management with dynamic org chart
Benefits Administration Access to certified brokers, benefits enrolment Comprehensive benefits administration
Time Off Tracking Automated tracking, manage PTO policy Scheduling features, time off tracking
Payroll Integration Provided Payroll administration available as an add-on
Mobile App Fully functional app for Android and iOS Mobile app for HR tasks and employee communication
Security Strong security features (SOC II certified, 2FA) Security features include 2FA, end-to-end encryption
Customer Support Chat, email, and phone support Chat, email, and phone support
Pricing Transparent pricing based on user count, free plan and trial available Competitively priced plans starting from $8 per user

Let's Compare

Onboarding Experience

Warm Welcomes

  • Zenefits is believed to have a rapid onboarding process, with customers able to complete new hire onboarding in less than 10 minutes.
  • The software empowers users to design compensation packages, request background checks, send offer letters, and much more.
  • However, a lesser-known fact is that PeopleHCM takes the onboarding experience to new heights by offering comprehensive preboarding and onboarding processes.
  • Beyond automation, it ensures a warm welcome for new hires, introducing them to the company culture even before their official start date.
  • Automated offer letters and e-signing of documents further contribute to a seamless and engaging onboarding journey.

Efficiency and Time-saving

Pulse of Productivity

  • Zenefits emphasizes the speed of the onboarding process, allowing new hires to complete it easily while on the go.
  • The software streamlines tasks such as designing compensation packages and requesting background checks.
  • When it comes to PeopleHCM, it not only automates onboarding tasks but goes a step further in eliminating manual administrative work entirely.
  • Operating in a fully paperless environment, the platform ensures valuable time savings for HR teams.

Automation and Workflows

Effortless Precision

  • Zenefits features automated workflows for various HR tasks, including employee management, time off tracking, and scheduling.
  • It integrates with some of the major software applications such as Slack, Salesforce, and Microsoft 365.
  • PeopleHCM further advances automation by providing sophisticated workflows that eliminate manual checklists and data duplication based on various parameters like team, location, or employment type.
  • With PeopleHCM, small and medium-size businesses can also take advantage of customizable integrations with third-party apps, thus making their onboarding procedure smooth sailing.

Learning and Development Integration

eLearning for Success

  • Zenefits has a limited focus on learning management tools, potentially leaving gaps in the learning and development aspect.
  • PeopleHCM seamlessly integrates with eLearning platforms, automatically assigning relevant courses for new hires.
  • This ensures compliance and sets employees up for success through continuous learning.

Offboarding Excellence

Saying Goodbye with Grace

  • While Zenefits provides limited information on offboarding features, PeopleHCM stands out by offering a comprehensive offboarding experience, ensuring smooth employee exits.
  • This includes providing a positive experience for departing employees and mitigating risks associated with offboarding.
  • The platform also conducts a thorough analysis of the offboarding experience, maintaining employer brand reputation during the exit process and utilizing data to continuously improve offboarding procedures.

Performance Analysis

Insights into Processes

  • It's worth noting that Zenefits offers an intuitive report-building journey providing customers with pre-built templates for key areas, along with the flexibility to create their own reports from scratch.
  • PeopleHCM, however, also provides robust performance analysis tools, offering high-level visibility and detailed insights into onboarding and administrative processes.
  • These tools and reports are highly customizable and can be personalized with recommended filters.
  • This empowers HR professionals of small and medium businesses as they get to use a software that not only optimizes workflows but whose customizable features enhance overall efficiency.

User Experience and Satisfaction

Making the Journey Memorable

  • Zenefits relies on a collaborative effort involving multiple companies to manage its HR management system; this approach introduces inefficiencies as each module is handled by a different entity, leading to potential coordination challenges and delays in customer support.
  • In stark contrast, PeopleHCM sets itself apart by offering a unified and streamlined experience. With a cohesive structure managed by a single entity, PeopleHCM eliminates the drawbacks associated with multi-company collaboration.
  • The platform's commitment to 24/7 assistance and personalized support throughout the entire HR cycle ensures users not only receive prompt responses but also benefit from a hands-on approach, making PeopleHCM a standout choice for organizations seeking efficient and comprehensive HR management.


In conclusion, while Zenefits offers competitive features in the HR software space,

PeopleHCM stands out as the winner in providing a more comprehensive, efficient, and user-friendly solution for onboarding and HR management for small and medium businesses.

A notable drawback that positions PeopleHCM as a more favorable choice for small and medium businesses compared to Zenefits is that even in the most basic plan, Zenefits has a mandatory requirement to pay for a minimum of five users. In contrast, PeopleHCM offers a more flexible and accommodating approach, allowing businesses to start with a smaller user base without imposing a minimum user requirement. This feature is particularly advantageous for smaller enterprises seeking cost-effective HR solutions, making PeopleHCM a more accessible and user-friendly option for businesses of varying sizes.

From a seamless onboarding experience to advanced automation and in-depth performance analysis, PeopleHCM offers a holistic approach to HR that truly sets it apart in the market.

Data collected on: 10/03/24

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