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Efficiency reigns supreme. Everywhere. PeopleHCM as an employee time tracking software is the ideal pick for ensuring that your team is loaded with this efficiency. The software does this by offering self-service features for employee time tracking and schedule management and by fostering a sense of ownership and control for your employees. Managers benefit too, with streamlined tools for task allocation and overall workforce management.

PeopleHCM – optimizing your hospitality operation, one happy, empowered employee at a time.

Elevate Your Hospitality

Advantages of PeopleHCM's Employee Time Tracking and Schedule Management Software for Hospitality Industry

Employee Time-Off and Break Management.

At the core of PeopleHCM lies an efficient time-off management system. This can be easily tailored for the hospitality sector as it simplifies requesting, approving, and tracking time off, ensuring smooth operation and adequate staffing levels. With customizable vacation policies and blackout dates, businesses can effectively manage employee leave, minimizing scheduling conflicts and enhancing operational efficiency.

Task Management

With PeopleHCM's task management module, managers can effortlessly log employee tasks and allocate appropriate time frames to each assignment. Additionally, it allows for creating task lists, prioritizing activities, and assigning deadlines, facilitating clear communication and accountability within the workforce.

HR Management System

With PeopleHCM's overall HR Management system, it becomes easy to maintain efficient employee records and document management. PeopleHCM is ideal for tracking licenses and certifications and assigning customizable security roles, and it ensures data integrity and compliance with regulatory standards.

Accurate Forecasting and Demand Matching

PeopleHCM's advanced forecasting capabilities help in analyzing business data. The platform accurately predicts labor demands, allowing businesses to match scheduling to demand effectively. This precision enhances operational efficiency, reduces costs, and minimizes the risk of over- or understaffing.

Reducing Payroll Errors

Ensuring payroll accuracy is one of the most crucial features of any HR or employee time tracking software, and PeopleHCM excels in this aspect. With automated employee time tracking and validation features, the platform minimizes scheduling, time tracking, and payroll processing errors. Employees validate their hours, providing finance teams with a clear view of total gross pay expenditure before payroll submission. This proactive approach reduces payroll errors and enables strategic decision-making based on accurate financial data.

Enhanced Engagement and Morale

PeopleHCM goes beyond mere workforce management—it fosters a culture of engagement and empowerment. Providing employees autonomy over their schedules and time-off requests enhances job satisfaction and work-life balance. Real-time access to information fosters transparency and trust between employees and management, leading to higher engagement and morale.

Reduced Administrative Burden

By offering self-service features, PeopleHCM alleviates the administrative burden on HR and managerial staff. Employees can independently handle tasks such as shift swapping and time-off requests, freeing up valuable resources for strategic initiatives. This streamlined approach enhances efficiency and productivity across the organization.

Minimized Errors and Discrepancies

Automation is critical to minimizing errors in workforce management, and PeopleHCM's features excel in this regard. Validation features ensure accuracy in time recording, leading to more precise payroll calculations and reduced discrepancies. PeopleHCM saves time, enhances productivity, and ensures compliance with regulatory standards by reducing manual intervention.

Employee Time Tracking and Schedule Management Features of PeopleHCM

Self-Service Portal

User-Friendly Interface

  • Intuitive design for easy navigation and accessibility.
  • Clear layout displaying schedules, requests, and preferences.

Customizable Settings

  • Options to personalize display settings, notifications, and language preferences.
  • Ability to tailor the portal layout based on individual user needs and preferences.
Self-Service Portal
Time Tracking and Management
Time Tracking and Management

Geo-Fencing Functionality

  • Geo-fencing technology for accurate time tracking and location-based attendance.
  • Geographical boundaries to ensure employees are clocking in/out from designated work areas.

Integration with Time Clocks

  • Seamless integration with time clock systems, including biometric and mobile clocking.
  • Automatic capture of clock-in/out times for precise attendance records.

So, imagine managing your hospitality workforce without the headache!

PeopleHCM, an employee time tracking software is the ideal choice for:

  1. Accurate forecasting
  2. Enhanced engagement
  3. Achieving operational excellence
  4. Driving growth, and
  5. Delivering exceptional guest experiences

Surprise, surprise! There’s an icing on this cake! PeopleHCM’s flexible solutions start with a $0 plan, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes. Plus, we provide free trials, so you can experience the platform firsthand and see how it can transform your hospitality operation.

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About PeopleHCM

PeopleHCM stands is a scalable Human Capital Management (HCM) software solution, providing a comprehensive suite of applications spanning the entire recruit-to-retire cycle.

Tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses,

  • It is a cost-effective solution for small enterprises,
  • It facilitates seamless scaling of HR operations   for medium-sized companies, and
  • It streamlines complex functions for large enterprises.

It’s customizable tools, built-in automations, and an unwavering commitment to customer experience, makes PeopleHCM the perfect choice for professionals wanting to simplify and enhance the management of human capital across organizations of varying sizes.

PeopleHCM Modules

Payroll Management

Simplify payroll processing with our comprehensive solution.

Time Sheet

 Effortlessly manage workforce productivity with multiple tracking options.

Time Off

Streamline Time Off requests based on your company policies.

Onboarding& Offboarding

Interactive processes through OCR-enabled forms

Expense Management

Optical character recognition for claiming multiple currency bills.

Recruitment Management

Expertly track talent pipelines with an intuitive Applicant Tracking system.

Performance Management

Align and measure employee tasks with organizational objectives.

Benefit Enrollment

Simple and effective enrollment for administrators and employees.

Service Request

Configurable workflow for Finance, HR, IT, Resourcing, and Administrative needs.

Benefits of PeopleHCM

Flexible Pricing

PeopleHCM provides a zero-cost option and an extended 3-month free trial, offering a flexible pricing structure.

Tailored VFM Pricing

Starting prices are customized for optimal value, ensuring businesses pay for the features they need.

Customizable and User-Friendly

PeopleHCM's customizable tools and user-centric design deliver a personalized and easy-to-use experience.

Comprehensive Support

Benefit from dedicated support with a Single Point of Contact(SPOC), 24/7 remote assistance, and optional onsite support.

Efficient Migration

PeopleHCM streamlines migration with tailored processes and dedicated support, minimizing disruptions.

Automations and Integrations

Leverage in-built automations and seamless integration with third-party tools for enhanced efficiency.

Secure and Scalable

Adhering to global best practices, PeopleHCM ensures data security, compliance, and scalability through private cloud infrastructure.

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