The Ultimate Payroll and Timekeeping Guide: PeopleHCM's Best Practices for Finance Professionals

June 5, 2024

Explore 2024 financial best practices, enhance payroll with PeopleHCM. Your perfect partner for smooth, successful processes.

Success in payroll time tracking management can be guaranteed with a threefold approach

Simplifying processes
Ensuring compliance
Delivering a positive employee experience

This blog explores the recommended best practices for financial professionals of the US in 2024, providing them with insights to enhance payroll app operations efficiently. It further highlights how PeopleHCM can prove to be the perfect partner in a successful payroll journey and smoothen operation with you.

It’s time to discover customized features in global payroll and time-tracking software management solutions and pave the way for a simplified and compliant payroll process, contributing to the success of your organization.

The Ultimate Payroll Checklist
1. Establishing Comprehensive Payroll Policies and Procedures

Establishing robust Payroll Policies and Procedures in the US is essential for a cohesive payroll system.

  • The first step towards ensuring this is to establish clear guidelines, including payroll components, payment methods, deductions, payment schedules, and employee benefits to ensure consistency.
  • Utilizing a global payroll app template like that of PeopleHCM, aids in seamless initiation, fostering a standardized approach. This framework not only guarantees regulatory compliance but also enhances efficiency in managing employee data, working hours, salaries, deductions, and net/gross pay.
  • Lastly, a well-defined structure is fundamental to a reliable and transparent payroll process, fostering operational excellence.
2. Proactive Scheduling of Payroll Processing Dates and Deadlines

Proactively scheduling payroll processing dates and deadlines in the US is a strategic advantage that prevents mistakes and IRS penalties.

  • It involves marking crucial dates on the calendar, such as paydays based on frequency, local bank closures, employee benefits enrollment periods, expatriate tax deadlines, and payment cut-off times.
  • This proactive approach then ensures timely and accurate payroll processing, aligning with predetermined schedules and regulatory requirements, thereby safeguarding the payroll department against errors and compliance issues.
3. Automated Notifications for Timely Reminders

Financial professionals can optimize efficiency by embracing automated notifications for timely reminders in payroll management.

  • Leveraging smart payroll and time-tracking software solutions streamline the process, ensuring crucial deadlines are not overlooked.
  • Setting up automated reminders, whether through collaborative tools like Slack or shared calendars on platforms like Google Calendar, enhances communication within the payroll time tracking team.
  • This proactive approach, facilitated by advanced tools, safeguards against missed tax payments and promotes adherence to the dynamic payroll schedule, a critical aspect for financial compliance.
4. Accurate Employee Classification

Accurate employee classification is essential to ensure seamless payroll administration.

  • Segregating employees correctly is vital, distinguishing between full-time employees and independent contractors. This distinction is crucial for the proper filing of forms, accurate remuneration, and the provision of legally-mandated benefits.
  • Utilizing a robust payroll management tool aids in this classification process, mitigating the risk of misclassification and ensuring compliance with tax regulations, benefits administration, and overall payroll accuracy.
5. Streamlining and Automating Payroll Management
  • Automating payroll management for financial professionals brings efficiency by digitizing tasks like timekeeping, salary calculations, and tax filing.
  • This advancement streamlines processes, ensures accuracy in deductions and generates detailed cost breakdowns.

Embracing automated solutions reduces the payroll workload, enhancing productivity and compliance in human resources.

6. Real-time Data Tracking and Analysis

Managing payroll is inherently complex, but with PeopleHCM's Payroll Management, real-time data tracking and analysis become seamless. This software simplifies the time-consuming and error-prone payroll process, offering advanced features like billable hours tracking and invoice generation. With a plethora of tools available, PeopleHCM stands out by ensuring maximum efficiency in payroll accuracy.

  • The importance lies in making informed choices based on up-to-date information, whether it's reviewing employee payroll data or understanding contribution breakdowns like US Social Security.
  • Utilizing smart solutions, such as PeopleHCM's Global Payroll platform, simplifies data-driven decision-making.
  • Access to real-time reports allows financial professionals to gain insights into various positions and locations, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in payroll time tracking processing.
7. Implementation of a Strict Payroll Approval Process

Implementing a strict payroll approval process is crucial for financial professionals, addressing challenges in the time-intensive ordeal of payroll approval.

Efficient coordination among professionals of varying hierarchies is key to simplifying the process.

  • To achieve this, establish guidelines requiring pre-approval for staffing changes, promotions, and other personnel adjustments.
  • This ensures synchronized decision-making, aligning with scheduling parameters, budget constraints, and payment cycles, there by preventing major payroll issues and enhancing overall approval efficiency.
8. Enhanced Payment Options for Accessibility

Enhancing payment options for accessibility is pivotal for US financial professionals in2024.

  • The emphasis is on flexibility, with the first step being direct deposit payments, replacing traditional paper checks.
  • Deploying advanced payroll management solutions facilitates streamlined processes, offering employees the convenience of direct bank deposits.
  • This shift not only improves payroll app efficiency but also aligns with the evolving preferences of a global workforce, providing enhanced accessibility and a more adaptable approach to managing payments for both regular employees and independent contractors.
9. Embracing Mobile Self-Service in Payroll Software

Self-service mobile functionalities relieve HR teams from repetitive tasks, allowing a focus on core initiatives.

  • Employees autonomously handle tasks like time keeping, reviewing pay stubs, and submitting tax information on a mobile-friendly platform. This not only enhances user experience but also boosts efficiency.
  • Opting for a solution with global mobility support enables payroll time-tracking professionals to operate seamlessly from any location, ensuring accessibility and streamlined payroll management across diverse geographical settings.
10. Formulating Robust Data Protection Policies

Formulating robust data protection policies is crucial for US finance professionals dealing with sensitive employee information.

Whether using payroll and time tracking software, storing data online, or outsourcing services, securing payroll data is paramount.

  • Cloud-based solutions, often the safest choice, ensure high-level security.
  • When outsourcing, signing comprehensive data processing agreements (DPAs) is imperative, ensuring regulatory compliance and robust protection of sensitive information.
  • This strategic approach safeguards against data breaches and reinforces the integrity of financial processes, fostering trust and compliance within the industry.
11. Off-Cycle Payroll Processes

Off-cycle payroll is a vital process for US finance professionals, involving issuing paychecks outside the regular pay cycle.

  • It is selectively utilized for prompt and accurate employee compensation during unforeseen events or for unique payment requirements, such as correcting pay errors, timely payments for departing employees, bonuses, and addressing exceptional circumstances.
  • Understanding off-cycle payroll is crucial for both employers and employees, ensuring timely and accurate compensation during unexpected situations and maintaining trust.

Tools like PeopleHCM’s On-Demand Payroll facilitate seamless off-cycle payments, addressing diverse payroll challenges efficiently.

Embracing Global Payroll Management Solutions with PeopleHCM

PeopleHCM's global payroll management solutions offer simplified payroll and tax management services.

As specialists in this field, PeopleHCM ensures ease in managing payroll and taxes, offering compliance for global workforces in 2024 and beyond.

With features like automation, holistic workforce views, reduced compliance risks, easy HR integration, legislative alerts, advanced security, and optimized workflows, PeopleHCM provides a scalable model supporting business growth. Adopting PeopleHCM ensures efficient global payroll outsourcing, minimizing errors, and enhancing overall operational resilience for businesses of any size and industry.


In 2024, US financial professionals can optimize payroll processes with PeopleHCM's Ultimate Payroll and Timekeeping capabilities. Through its comprehensive policies, proactive scheduling, and automated notifications PeopleHCM ensures streamlined operations.

PeopleHCM ensures accurate employee classification and streamlines payroll management with:

Real-time data tracking
Strict approval processes

PeopleHCM ensures accessibility with flexible payment options and mobile self-service. It allows you to implement robust data protection policies for sensitive information.

Let’s explore off-cycle payroll processes and embrace PeopleHCM's global solutions for efficient, compliant, and scalable payroll management, fostering operational resilience and success.

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